Website Options

RAMCO subscribers have two options that allow members and non-members to interact with the association online: the web portal and the Sitefinity content management system.


What’s included in the Web Portal package?

The web portal is a basic interface that allows your members to securely update, and manage their membership through your web site.  For example, members will be able to generate Letters of Good Standing and manage their publication subscriptions all within a single interface.  The portal will display event and class information and allow members to register.  They can purchase items in your online store, pay dues, donate to RPAC, check their CE credits and complete a membership application.  The web portal is a secure external site that links between RAMCO and your website.  It is hosted by RAMCO and it is not part of your own website. Also keep in mind that the portal will be branded with your association’s logo but it will not be designed to look like a page on your website.
Once live, you can connect visitors from your website to your RAMCO web portal with a simple link and text such as “Click here to pay your dues” or “Click here to register for events.” Visitors will be taken to the portal login page where they can then create an account or login with an existing account.


What’s included in the Sitefinity package?

Sitefinity takes management of your online content to the next level by replacing your existing website with a seamless and fluid interface for members accessing your web portal. The Sitefinity package provides fully integrated navigation with your web portal and allows you the ability to control access to areas on your site based on member data stored in your RAMCO system.  For example, you can set up a special “Board of Directors” section where leaders can access information intended for them only.  Your directors would be identified in RAMCO as board members and the system would recognize that automatically and shown them that special link when they log on.  No other members would see it. While you may choose any CMS system, the optional Sitefinity package comes already tailored to work with RAMCO, thus saving you the time and outside programming expense to build a comparable interface for your web portal.

To learn more about Sitefinity, visit or download our helpful RAMCO and Sitefinity brochure.


Web Portal and Sitefinity Feature Comparison

Feature Web Portal Sitefinity
Member Login with Email Verification
Account Setup with NRDS Verification
Profile Update for Members and Offices
Membership Application and Renewal for Members and Brokers
Subscription Management
Letter of Good Standing
Member Order Management and History
Event/Convention Management and Registration
Class Registration and History
Committee Roster and Management
Membership Directory
Online Store
Office Transfer and Agent Roster
Restricted Members Only Content
Complete Website Content Management
Website and Portal Integration
Social Media Integration
Category-Specific RSS Feeds
Blogs and Forums
Image, Video and Document Galleries
Content Editing Workflows
Content Classification
Integrated Web Analytics
Search Engine Optimization Capability
Multi-Lingual Content
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