94 Local Associations subscribed

18 State Associations subscribed


Note:  It was brought to our attention that some competitors were apparently using our customer list to contact AEs with misleading or incorrect information regarding RAMCO.  We did not want to aid and abet this shoddy business practice so we have removed the list from this site.  We are proud to share our Subscriber List with any member of the REALTOR® Family. Please email for the most up to date version.


To secure a place in the RAMCO implementation schedule you must submit the RAMCO Implementation Application as well as 25% of the required implementation fee. For the fastest posting please fax copies of both these documents to 802-253-9045. The following schedule highlights those associations that have committed to RAMCO and the order in which they will be launched on the platform.

Implementation status is determined by RAMCO staff in accordance with the following guidelines approved and amended by the RAMCO Board of Directors:

  1. Priority on the “Implementation List” is awarded on a first come, first served basis based on the date a copy of the signed implementation agreement and a copy of the deposit payment is faxed to 802-253-9035.
  2. Special consideration may be awarded by RAMCO to associations: 1) with third party vendor contracts that expire on a date certain without the ability to extend the contract on a monthly basis and 2) have their data hosted by their current vendor.
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