Outreach to the REALTOR® Association community is a crucial part of any new venture. To provide much-needed information, RAMCO staff make special presentations to AEs and association staff. The Powerpoint slides of select presentations are archived here.

System Demonstrations and Presentations

As you might imagine, RAMCO is receiving numerous requests from associations for individual WebEx demonstrations and on-site visits.   As you can also imagine, we simply do not have the ability to accommodate them all.  Therefore, RAMCO’s leadership has adopted the following policies and procedures for providing presentations and responding to inquiries.

  1. RAMCO will give priority to statewide WebEx demos, either during state AE meetings or through special online demos arranged by the state association.  On-site demos for state AE meetings will be decided on a case-by-case basis, based on audience size and availability of RAMCO staff.
  2. Open session WebEx demos are held several times a month and the schedule and registration links are posted on  Staff and leaders are welcome and strongly encouraged to attend.
  3. Conference calls with association decision-makers may be arranged to respond to specific concerns and questions not otherwise covered in the webinar demos or available on  These teleconferences will be scheduled such that they afford the opportunity for all those involved in the local or state association decision-making process to participate at once.
  4. E-mail links on may be used to obtain quick responses to technical or policy questions.  We will direct your question to individual best qualified to respond.
  5. Unlike other vendors, and in the interest of complete transparency, RAMCO does not negotiate individual association pricing.  All of RAMCO’s policies and pricing structures, and any subsequent modifications, are adopted “in the sunshine” and posted for all to see on the website.  As a not-for-profit undertaking, RAMCO’s prices are based on the actual cost of providing and supporting the RAMCO AMS.
  6. RAMCO marketing largely is being handled within the existing AE community and with limited budget, so that we can focus NAR’s resources on product development and enhancement.    Of course, subscribers will receive extensive customer support from RAMCO’s service partners
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