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The RAMCO AMS (association management system) is the culmination of years of work by NAR’s Association Executives Committee (AEC) to develop an association management system that would meet the unique and emerging needs of our REALTOR® organizations.

Begun as a work group under the AEC, the initiative has received nearly $3 million in development funding as an NAR Second Century Initiative.  Although currently operated by NAR, once the system is financially self-sustaining, ownership will be turned over to a “cooperative” led and operated by its association customers.  In this way, all members of the cooperative will be assured a say in the system’s future development.

RAMCO has been designed with the flexibility that allows it to be tailored and customized to the unique needs of just about every REALTOR® association or REALTOR®-owned MLS.

A primary goal is for RAMCO to become a truly collaborative system that encourages our associations to share ideas, enhancements and creative uses for off-the-shelf third party applications.  This goal is already being realized through it’s the idea sharing that is occurring in our online “community” website, through regular subscriber meetings at all major NAR events, and our annual spring user conference, RAMCON.

Another major goal was selecting a software “platform” with the built-in flexibility and power to accommodate the wide array of programs, services and products offered by the nation’s REALTOR® organizations, both now and into the future.  We chose Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management)because not only is it used to manage the customer relations of some of the world’s leading companies (like Ford and  General Foods!), but it also features “open architecture”.  That means that any third party provider of software applications is free to write programs that  integrate with it – which many, many do, including a number that cater to the association management system industry.

We’d be pleased to talk with you about how RAMCO can jump start your staff’s productivity and your association’s ability to serve your members today and tomorrow.

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