RAMCO is pleased to introduce its flexible “tier” pricing model that includes three parts: ongoing user fees, one-time implementation fees and optional purchase fees. Also, to assist you in better understanding the somewhat technical terms used in this document a glossary has been provided at the end.

Monthly User Fees

Tier One (1st through 3rd Users)                           $125/user/month

Regardless of total number, users 1 through 3 will be billed at this rate.

Tier Two (4th through 14th Users)                       $120/user/month
Regardless of total number, users 4 through 14 will be billed at this rate.

Tier Three (15th and above)                                      $  104/user/month
Regardless of total number, users 15 and above will be billed at this rate.

TIER ONE: $125/user

1st through 3rd users

TIER TWO: $120/user

4th through 14th users

TIER THREE: $104/user

15 and above

No. Users Per Month Per Year No. Users Per Month Per Year No. Users Per Month Per Year
1 $125 $1,500 4 $495 $5,940 15 $1,799 $21,588
2 $250 $3,000 5 $615 $7,380 16 $1,903 $22,836
3 $375 $4,500 6 $735 $8,820 17 $2,007 $24,084
7 $855 $10,260 18 $2,111 $25,332
8 $975 $11,700 19 $2,215 $26,580
9 $1,095 $13,140 20 $2,319 $27,828
10 $1,215 $14,580 21 $2,423 $29,076
11 $1,335 $16,020 22 $2,527 $30,324
12 $1,455 $17,460 23 $2,631 $31,572
13 $1,575 $18,900 24 $2,735 $32,820
14 $1,695 $20,340 25 $2,839 $34,068
26 $2,943 $35,316
27 $3,047 $36,564
28 $3,151 $37,812
29 $3,255 $39,060
30 $3,359 $40,308


One-time Implementation Fee

One of the following “Implementation Packages” will apply to you if you submit an application after January 1, 2012.

Custom Data Sources
(Niche or “homegrown” systems)
Standard Data Source*

NRDS Data Only

Implementation Fee** $12,000 $18,000 $950
Online Training via Webinars and Video
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Import of Records
Mapping and data conversion @ $169.75/hr not included in fee. Import of unlimited member and office records Import of NRDS Data Only
Initial Customization 5 custom entities
25 custom attributes
10 custom entities
50 custom attributes
Web Portal Interface Included Included Optional ($2,650)

*”Standard Data Sources” are the basic standard versions of Rapattoni Magic, LAMPS, MMSI/ Membership Director, iMIS, or Avectra Net Forums. “Custom” system mapping and conversions at $169.75/hr. If additional services are required, such as integration with 3rd party applications, please request a custom quote.
** Payment Schedule:  25% with application; 25% at start of implementation process; 50% prior to “go live” date


Support and Billing Setup Fee

A one-time setup fee of $250 dollars will be assessed to all associations joining RAMCO.


Statewide and Regional MLS Packaging

Statewide and regional MLS implementation packages are available. Implementation fees for packages are discounted based on the number of local associations submitting applications and fees at the same time through their respective state association or regional MLS.

1-9 Local Associations – no discount. However, if 100% of the Local Boards in the state participate a 2.5% discount will be offered
10-19 Local Associations – 2.5%
20 – 34 Local Associations – 5%
35 Local Associations or more – 7.5%


Optional Products and Services

Sitefinity Website Content Management System

Initial Fees:

  • Cobalt Initial Implementation Fee – $7,750.00
  • Sitefinity Standard Edition License Fee – $2,999.00*

Annual Fees:

  • Cobalt Sitefinity Support – $600.00 per year
  • Sitefinity Subscription Renewal – $899.00 per year*

Sitefinity is a complete website creation and management system. The initial fee includes the first year license, setup, limited design and support. The annual fees include access to support and future license upgrades. Note, that this does not include the time/effort to perform the upgrade. All hours spent to upgrade your site will be billed the current standard Cobalt rate.

To guarantee pricing, Cobalt will purchase your Sitefinity license when they receive the initial fees and signed work authorization. The date of your license purchase will be the anniversary date for your annual fees.

*Sitefinity is a third-party application and license and ongoing support fees are subject to change. Please refer to for more information and pricing on other editions and add-on modules.

On site Training ($2,500/day)
A RAMCO trainer will visit your office to train your staff personally on the topics of your choice. Travel included in price.

Custom Development
Special development services are available through RAMCO to cover the needs of individual associations provided that what is developed does not interfere with any of the core functions of the RAMCO system. Call to request a quote for your particular enhancement or modification.


Working With the REALTOR Federal Credit Union

RAMCO has arranged with the REALTORS® Federal Credit Union to offer loans to associations that would prefer to spread the one-time Implementation Fee and/or Sitefinity website costs over a multi-year period. Learn more at or call their Business Accounts division at 301.355.7575.


Definitions of Terms Used in this Pricing Model

Custom Attributes

These are customized data fields in which you enter data under a basic member record such as name, address, etc.  These fields are called “attributes” for that record and are what creates an “entity”.  For example, say the entity is a member contact record.  It would be made up of the “attributes” for first name, last name, e-mail address, phone number, etc.  When you create a custom entity, you have to create custom attributes to name and hold the important data.

Custom Entities
A custom table or “Set of Information”.  An entity in RAMCO AMS is equivalent to a database table. In other words, it’s the way information is stored in the system, and RAMCO AMS allows you to create as many custom ones as you need. That’s a huge leap over most other systems that have nowhere near that same flexibility.

Web Portal Design Template
This template is what gives style and branding to the online portal. The web portal design template uses your existing Association branding (or any branding options you specify), such as logos and color palette, to match your existing website. The template includes a header and footer with basic information about your Association.

Web Portal
The portal is a basic online interface that allows your members, as well as anyone else you allow access, to interact with your AMS. Through the portal you can offer course and event registration, host an online calendar of upcoming events, sell products, host a searchable member or office directory, allow members to pay dues as well as update their profile and contact information. The portal is not meant to be a replacement for your existing website. For a complete website package please refer to the Sitefinity upgrade.

The total number of accounts (offices) and contacts (members).

Users are assigned to a designated staff individual.  Named users cannot be switched but may be substituted if a staff person leaves.

Single Source Import
This refers to the transfer of data from an association’s old system to RAMCO.  “Single source” refers to one of the approved membership systems. Approved systems are as follows:
ASI iMIS – Version 15.x or 10.x
Rapattoni Magic – Version 9 or NetMagic 1.x
Fidelity LAMPS – Version 3.x or 2.x
MarketLinx MMSI/Membership Director – Version 6.x or 5.x
Avectra NetForum – Version 2010 or 3.0

If an association has data stored outside their current vendor’s system such as in a separate Access database or Excel spreadsheets, there may be an additional charge for importing it into the system.  However, RAMCO’s system comes with good import tools so an association could import its own Excel information (being careful not to overwrite more recent or accurate information).

Sitefinity is a complete content management system for creating websites.  It provides templates for page design and allows you to design your own pages using simple interfaces.  It provides for discussion boards, blogging and membership surveys as well as full integration with the RAMCO system and is designed to replace your current website. It is best used in conjunction with the web portal so members and non-members can interact with your association website in a seamless way.

Web-Based Training

Training sessions will be conducted via conference calls using an online conferencing system.  An agenda and training material will be sent in advance and the session recorded for future use.  An on-line library of video training tutorials covering standard RAMCO features will also be available.

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