Beyond NRDS

Posted by on May 26, 2010 in At A Glance

Real-time integration with the NRDS Central Database (CDB) insures your member information is always current. Additionally, the RAMCO set of shared data goes far beyond NRDS, allowing you to see a comprehensive picture of your members like never before.

The National REALTOR® Database Standard (NRDS) is the set of member information shared between the different levels of the organization. Covering only the basics of a member’s profile, such as name, status, designations and contact information, these fields are often too limited for the needs of today’s data-driven REALTOR® associations.

Members of RAMCO will have the exclusive benefit of sharing a much greater amount of data between state and local associations in real-time. New data sharing policies, that respect both the association’s need for proprietary information and the need to build a complete member profile, will allow for exchanging information far beyond what is contained in NRDS today.

The NRDS standard has been around for many years and is poised to enter the Internet era with the adoption of Central Database Compliance by December 31, 2011. To be compliant, an association management system must communicate member profile changes in real-time with the central repository of member data managed by the National Association of REALTORS®. The RAMCO AMS will be fully CDB compliant to accommodate associations needing an alternative to upgrading their existing association management system.

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