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Empower your members to connect with you using built-in website tools and a robust content management system. Dynamically display a wealth of member and association information and harness the benefits of blogs, forums, surveys and more.

The most efficient way to share and gather information from your members is through your association’s website. Whether paying their dues, registering for courses, updating their profile information or catching up on the latest industry news, the website is the first stop for today’s busy, Internet-savvy agents and brokers.

The RAMCO AMS allows members to engage and see a wealth of information about themselves through the included member portal. After logging into the secure interface, members can update their, view past receipts and current invoices, committee service, upcoming and past courses, pay dues and much more. Built-in connections to the NRDS eCommerce payment gateway ensure you can take advantage of the lowest possible credit card rates when processing transactions online, and behind the scenes processes allow you to define automatic actions that occur when members interact with your website.

A complete content management system (CMS) is also available as an optional, one-time purchase. The CMS is a complete alternative to your existing website and allows you to integrate dynamic reports and more from your AMS with no programming experience required. The CMS includes many powerful tools for building your association website:

  • A full-featured CMS including rich “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) editors for creating rich page content. Create pages as if you were typing in Microsoft Word or your favorite document editing software. Add photos and other multimedia content to build visually engaging pages that enhance your association brand.
  • Drag-and-drop page creation for quickly building site content. Reposition sections of your webpages simply by clicking and dragging, much like working in a desktop application. You can even re-use content in multiple locations so you don’t have to re-create frequently needed elements.
  • Built-in blogging tools allow you to expand your message in a conversational style and engage members using comments and responses
  • Discussion boards allow members to connect with each other and talk about the topics that are important to them.
  • Polling and survey tools allow you to get the feedback you want from members, then turn that information into action to improve your association’s services.

The RAMCO AMS and CMS allow you to take your association’s online presence to the next level. Similar features in competing platforms costs tens of thousands of dollars in comparison, making the RAMCO alternative an even more compelling option for your next association management system.

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