Posted by on May 26, 2010 in At A Glance

The RAMCO AMS is flexible enough to adapt to the changing business requirements faced by today’s Associations. Add unlimited new fields to the database using the intuitive interface: no programmers needed. Customizable “Workflows” allow you to automate many tasks, freeing your staff to focus on serving the members.

Much like the real estate market itself, all REALTOR® associations are local. Although there are many similarities across the REALTOR® association universe, no two will ever have identical needs for, and uses of, their database. The ability of past association management solutions to adapt, with their rigid set of member information and limited capabilities for customization, has been a hindrance to better serving association members. The RAMCO AMS meets these needs by providing a flexible system that associations can tailor to their own needs. Add new fields to store member information, then import, collect and report on that information in a variety of innovative ways.

A core of the RAMCO AMS is the powerful “workflow” feature. These processes can be created to accomplish an almost unlimited number of automated tasks that previously required staff time:

  • Automatically send out dynamic emails to members whenever they meet certain criteria
  • Automatically update member records with new information when some other piece of member information changes
  • Notify association staff, via email or Outlook tasks, of changes to information in the database
  • Create checklists for association staff to navigate them through complex processes such as mediations and arbitration

There is almost no end to the flexibility and time-saving potential of workflows. Staff time is one of the most valuable resources you have as an association, and the ability to create more of it is a rare benefit.

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