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Built on the latest Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology from Microsoft, the RAMCO AMS will be instantly familiar to staff used to Microsoft products. Integrating seamlessly with popular products like Outlook, Word and Excel allows you to extend the application’s functions and work with data in the way that works best for you.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform used as the core of the RAMCO product is an enterprise-class customer relationship management application designed with maximum flexibility in mind. The flexible database design of Dynamics CRM allows a user to create an unlimited number of custom fields to meet their individual organization’s needs. Custom fields are reportable and can be integrated into many of the processes of the application.

No technical staff is needed to extend the database, but those with technical staff will find even more freedom to extend the platform to meet their needs. Extensive documentation, a mature software development kit, an industry-standard development platform (.NET) and web-service access to any field within the system allow programmers to integrate their membership data into powerful new applications. Many legacy applications can also be accommodated, with limited effort, using these existing tools.

The RAMCO solution is Software as a Service (SaaS), meaning it is delivered as a “hosted” application. The hosted nature is another benefit for any REALTOR® association on a limited budget. The RAMCO AMS is run from secure datacenters contracted by the co-operative. There is no server hardware to maintain at an association’s office, no expensive OS and database licensing to maintain and less technical overhead. Software updates install new features seamlessly and frequently with no association staff interaction. Staff have the added benefit of accessing the system from anywhere: home, office or on the road.

Integrations with existing Microsoft products ensure that staff can be productive with the tools that they are already familiar with. Dynamics CRM provides a powerful plug-in to display CRM content within MS Outlook, further enhancing the platform’s ability to engage staff in familiar ways. Import and export contacts, view extended member information such as invoices and committee information, update records, synchronize tasks, calendars and more all from within Microsoft Outlook. MS Word users will find time-saving integrations like the ability to run a mail merge directly in the RAMCO application and export it to Word with a single click. Existing mail merge templates, and the ability to import new templates, simplify the process further. Users can even export reports, charts and tables of data directly to MS Excel for further examination. Using a “dynamic” Excel file, the data exported will update with the latest information from Dynamics CRM every time the Excel file is opened.

You can rest assured that the RAMCO AMS will provide you the cutting-edge tools to both enhance you efficiency and productivity without the burden of learning a completely unfamiliar system.

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