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RAMCO was formed with one goal in mind: to create the most feature-rich, comprehensive Association Management System (AMS) for all REALTOR® Associations worldwide.

Mission Statement: RAMCO’s mission shall be to work cooperatively with all REALTOR Associations and REALTOR Multiple Listing Services that choose to participate to create, provide support for and manage a comprehensive membership data solution that fulfills the changing needs of the REALTOR organization, allows flexibility for the diverse management requirements of its members, and reduces ongoing membership system and development costs.

The REALTOR® Association has unprecedented resources at its disposal, so creating a single system that could bridge the gap between different associations and their data is an idea well past its time. This led a group of state and local associations from across the REALTOR® spectrum to explore how to bring this idea to fruition. After an exhaustive discussion about the best way to approach this project , the AEs at these associations engaged their technical and membership staff to further explore the existing options and conduct additional research.

This subgroup of techies and member management professionals conducted meeting after meeting and review after review, and it became clear that the association management system landscape was poised to change dramatically with new players entering the market, new technologies changing the way services are delivered, and staff at many associations ready for a change. Based on survey feedback and experience within their own associations, the group compiled a preliminary list of features and functions that would be required in an ideal REALTOR® association management system. They presented this research to their association leadership, who in turn collaborated with each other and NAR leadership, to develop a structure for going forward.

The two major options weighed by the team were to build an entire system from scratch, at considerable time and expense, or to purchase an existing solution in the market and modify it to meet RAMCO’s needs. Due to the time constraints of providing a solution prior to the deadline for NRDS central database compliance, the co-op investigated existing solutions with certain criteria in mind:

  • The co-op must have complete control over the source code (through outright ownership or a perpetual licensing agreement)
  • Any existing vendor would need to leave the REALTOR® space so as not to compete with RAMCO for customers
  • A product needed to be released by the spring of 2011
  • A product needed to provide at least the features outlined by the technology and membership staff of the participating associations

After examining the existing products in the market, and the vendors willing to meet the co-op’s criteria for ownership and an exit of the REALTOR® sphere, Cobalt was chosen as RAMCO’s preferred platform. The acquiring of Cobalt’s Association Management System, Real Estate Solution (CAMS-RES), built on the latest Dynamics CRM technology from Microsoft, allows RAMCO to quickly develop a superior association management platform to meet the changing needs of associations.

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